Planning Ahead

Pre – purchasing 

Those who are planning ahead for themselves or someone else often choose to pre-purchase their grave or cremation plot directly from the cemetery. This is done by contacting the Secretary and making an appointment to view the available spaces etc. 

Pre-purchasing means your cemetery plot is already paid-for when it is needed. The Cemetery does not take prepayment for the cost of interment as this is paid at the time of the burial, so families are encouraged to put aside some funds to cover this cost when needed. 

Why Pre Purchase?

Pre-purchasing allows you the opportunity to visit our cemetery and make an informed decision about the arrangements you'd like to put in place for yourself or a loved one. This helps ensure the family members looking after the arrangements at the time of a burial or cremation have everything they need to make sure your wishes are followed.

When you purchase a grave or ashes plot in advance, you receive a certificate and receipt that includes all the details of your right of interment.

These documents should be kept in a safe place with the details of your wishes so family and friends have everything they need. It is also beneficial to note the details of your Right of Interment, cremation or burial deed in your will.

In Victoria, the prices for cemetery plots and services is regulated by the State Government, and they increase by a certain percentage every year. Cemetery plots are also exempt from GST when purchased directly from a cemetery trust, but will attract GST when purchased from a funeral director. Purchasing from us now rather than through a funeral director at the time of the service can also help keep costs down.

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The Cemetery gates open daily from 9 am till 5 pm. Speed Limit of 10 km - Dogs permitted in grounds on leash only.