New Cemetery

Margaret Thomas Bunyan and John Thomas Bunyan

The first registered burial at Creswick Cemetery is that of John James Bunyan who was buried on 20th December, 1858. On walking around the cemetery though you will find some headstones with dates earlier than this. These people were buried at the original burial ground in Creswick in Drummond street. We have records showing that some of these people were exhumed and reburied at the new cemetery, but it is quite possible that others were also moved at some time but not written up in the records.

We have endeavoured to find the official resting place of all those buried at the cemetery, but unfortunately some records were not complete, so we do have some people listed that we don't know the exact plot number of. The photograph below is of the first burial at the Cemetery, Margaret, Thomas Bunyan and John Thomas Bunyan were both originally buried at the old burial ground, we don't have documentation that they were moved, but they are recorded on the family headstone. Methodist section row 2 plot 247 and 248.

The New Cemetery has over 12,200 burials, we are working on a new mapping system and hope to have this up and running very soon. Meanwhile you can check our list of burials at the cemetery. 

This information has been transcribed as closely as possible from original records our apologies for any mistakes in spellings.


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The Cemetery gates open daily from 9 am till 5 pm. Speed Limit of 10 km - Dogs permitted in grounds on leash only.